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Join host Todd and guest Michael Reuter as they discuss the biggest misconceptions about BIM Coordination, the latest trends in construction data, taking a deep dive into integrations, finding a space for creative problem solving, and new features coming to 360 Sync. 

Michael Reuter is a Customer Success Advocate, Senior Technology Specialist, BIM Coordinator, and BIM Advocate at Applied Software. He implements, trains, sets metrics and follows up with BIM implementation for Applied Software’s construction clients to ensure the success of implementation. He holds a Master’s of Building Science from Auburn University. 

Todd TakEs

1. First thought: keep in mind the snowball effect. You do not have to fix all of your problems in one take. It is ok to build momentum and take one issue at a time. This allows for a more manageable process while also creating momentum and excitement to build on. 

2. When looking at new tech or integrations, start with a cost-benefit analysis. It does not have to be anything crazy and intimidating. Look at how much time it is currently taking and compare that to the costs and how much time it is going to save. Do not discount the value of time saved. It is a precious commodity. 

3. Finally, I loved when Michael said, “find something that you are weaker at and seek to improve that”. It is important to take time to have honest self-reflection. Sometimes having that conversation with an objective third party is needed to really think through things with clear eyes. Heading into the new year, we are at a perfect time to pause and reflect. 


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