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Cyber security is a massive part of being digitally agile. How secure is your data? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Phil Keeney as they discuss trends in cybersecurity, practical steps towards implementing cybersecurity, the importance of resiliency, important commitments to map out before obtaining CMMC, the definition of digital agility, and how to truly understand innovation. 

Phil Keeney leads the Stambaugh Ness TechSolutions team, providing technology consulting and implementation to over 800 clients including the architecture and engineering, not-for-profit, governmental, and health care industries. Working closely with clients, Phil develops innovative solutions designed to contribute to the company’s overall growth and profitability. Phil manages and deploys technology initiatives for clients via ERP, EDI, and CRM, as well as developing and managing all aspects of their technological infrastructure, technology inventory and staff. His years of experience also includes performing IT security audits, intrusion/penetration testing, and long-term strategic planning.

Todd Takes

1. Having the right cybersecurity to protect your data is a major concern that is grabbing the attention of the C-suite. Look at those commonsense solutions to build resiliency. Take time on the front side to do your due diligence in assessing your tolerance and how quickly you can and need to bounce back. It is important to know your real vulnerabilities and which departments have a role. It will be more than just IT. 

2. Digital agility is a must in this day and age. As Phil put it that means the data is easily accessible at a fast pace. But a word of caution, you can’t just throw technology at something and hope for the best. There needs to be a process and methodology behind your technology. It is very important to understand the impact on your business and how it will allow for a better experience for yourself and your clients. 

3. Finally, as Phil said, “the world we live in is all about information sharing”. I agree. Digital transformation is a key component in embracing this world. It is as much of a mindset as anything else. But a needed one for future growth. 


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