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Where do most training programs fall short? The answer may lie in the way we’ve been approaching the subject of training at large. Straight from GRAITEC Innovate2Build with Amy Powell of Well Works, this episode takes a closer look at what it means to truly and effectively train workers, how to support the “learning transfer” in every stage of training, and how emotional intelligence comes into play.

Amy Powell is the founder of Well Works, bringing to her position nearly two decades of construction experience, primarily as a Project Manager for a Commercial GC. Recognizing the gap in training tailored to the unique challenges faced in construction, Amy decided to roll up her sleeves and do something about it by going back to school to earn her Masters in Adult Education. She has crafted a specialized leadership program for field leaders. This program equips industry professionals to excel in their roles now and in the future to lead their diverse teams effectively.

Todd Takes

1. The essence of training effectiveness lies in learning transfer, not merely in the initial enthusiasm participants show. It’s about the extent to which they can accurately apply the knowledge they’ve gained post-training.

2. Proactive engagement in learning is crucial. Ask yourself what measures are being taken to motivate individuals to attend training willingly. Reflecting on Amy’s insight, it’s important to “salt the horse” — create a thirst for knowledge before leading them to the learning “water.”

3. Self-awareness is a critical factor in personal growth. One must regularly engage in sincere self-reflection to enhance emotional intelligence, which includes understanding oneself accurately. Additionally, cultivating relationships with those who will offer honest, yet supportive, feedback is invaluable.


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