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How big of impact does a healthy culture have on a company? What does healthy look like and how do you build that culture? Join host Todd and guest Jake Olsen of DADO as they discuss the benefits of a healthy culture, how to adjust for remote work and how to bridge the gap between the office and field. 

They also unpack the importance knowing the personalities of your teammates, along with tools to help. Jake Olsen, P.E. is currently the Co-founder and CEO of DADO, a construction software company that provides a voice-powered search for project data and documents. Jake was previously VP of Engineering at DEWALT where he built a team dedicated to developing and providing software and consulting services for architects, engineers and contractors. 

Jake has worked in the industry as an engineer and entrepreneur for over 20 years both in the USA and abroad developing new products, software and businesses to transform the way we build. Jake holds a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in California.


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