Episode Description

What’s the best process of leveraging your software to its fullest potential? How do stakeholder communication and project transformations fit in? In this episode, delve into Adrian Mangan’s Advance Steel-centric YouTube channel, the impacts he’s observed since its launch, and his ultimate goal in sharing knowledge about both Advance Steel and its counterpart, GRAITEC PowerPack. 

Adrian Mangan began his career in Ireland in carpentry field with experience in AutoCAD from college. He has worked as an Ironworker in New York City for the past fourteen years, ten of which he has also been a Foreman. He is now looking to learn and pursue a career in Steel Detailing, 3D Modeling, and BIM.

Todd Takes

  1. Embracing Daily Learning: I really appreciate the wisdom in Adrian’s father’s saying, ‘It’s a bad day when you don’t learn something new.’ It emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and growth.
  2. The Power of Effective Communication: Effective communication is essential for ensuring clarity and achieving consensus. It’s the foundation of understanding and cooperation in any context.
  3. The Strength in Admitting Mistakes: Acknowledging mistakes is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, admitting when you’re wrong can actually enhance your credibility. It fosters trust and shows a commitment to honesty and accountability.


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