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What does the art of negotiation have to do with construction, and what are some tactics to avoid? Additionally, what should we do about AI? Join host Todd and guest Cian Brennan as they discuss the ins and outs of construction subcontracting, how “squeaky bum time” ties in to the end of an arduous project, how to be proactive in the discussion surrounding industry misconceptions, and much more. 

Cian Brennan is the CEO of Quantum Contract Solutions. He spent almost two decades on the client side of construction. Over this time, he saw hundreds and hundreds of construction companies being bullied contractually, losing money, and going out of business. In 2019, after becoming deeply concerned with the state of the industry and having inside knowledge of how the clients manage Contracts, he launched his own company. Cian has won a 40 under 40 award, a Best of Business Innovation Award and outstanding growth and was a finalist for entrepreneur of the year in the CEO Magazine and business news. He is the host of the Construction Secrets podcast.

Todd Takes

1.      Have the confidence in your ability to ask for what you actually need to be successful on a project. As Cian said, it is ok to negotiate better terms and in fact it shows that you are professional.

2.      AI is here. The thought experiment Cian mentioned of trying to determine how AI can replace your job is super interesting. It sounds counter-intuitive but when you risk being replaced you are actually advancing your career.

3.      I loved the analogy of success and vitamins. Success does indeed bring silence a lot of the time. A job well done may not always make the front page but it is always worth it. In this case, silence can be golden. 


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