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What does the concept of “mentorship” mean to the future of construction? How do we ensure that the younger generation is provided with the tools and skills they need to succeed? Join host Todd and guest Ryce Elliott as they discuss the journey from construction field work to construction company president, what young people should consider when looking into a construction career, and the vision of Benning Construction Company to push for remodeling vs. building new and environmental consciousness.

Ryce Elliott is the President of Benning Construction Company. He is responsible for corporate planning, risk analysis, contract review, and pre-construction management. Throughout his 29 years with the company, Ryce has served in almost every position from the ground up, making his experience and expertise a valuable asset to clients, trade partners, and Benning Construction as a whole.

Todd Takes

1.Casting a Vision of Career Growth: As we look towards recruiting the next generation, it’s vital to present a vision of career growth. The construction industry brims with potential opportunities in nearly limitless directions. It’s our responsibility to highlight this, narrating a compelling story of longevity and advancement that showcases the vast possibilities within the sector.

2.The Importance of Good Communication: Central to our success is good communication, an aspect too often overlooked yet fundamental in building trust among partners, stakeholders, and within our teams. It forms the heartbeat and foundation of all our interactions, whether in the office or in the field. Through intentional time investment and clear, effective communication, we lay the groundwork for thriving, successful relationships.

3. Fostering a Culture of Collaborative Teamwork: Innovation stems from cultivating a collaborative teamwork environment where the focus is on generating continual 1% improvements. This approach is the cornerstone for achieving transformational success in the long run, fostering an atmosphere where every small enhancement contributes to the larger picture of innovation and progress.


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