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We interviewed a dozen industry leaders Advancing Prefab 2023 about the most important and pressing themes in the industry today. You’ll hear about productization, data, communication and much more. We’re starting off this special series of interviews with the Queen of Prefab herself, Amy Marks.

Amy Marks is the head of industrialized construction strategy and evangelism at Autodesk; she is known throughout the construction industry as the “Queen of Prefab.” A graduate of the University of Florida and an alumna of Harvard Business School, Marks is the former CEO of XSite Modular, a leading prefabrication consultancy and design-builder of critical infrastructure buildings. 

As a prefabrication consultant, she defined the language and process that is adopted by companies, countries, and builders around the world.

Todd Takes

1. Challenge yourself on what you can do to make the expected experience of construction better. How can we reach the desired-end state of productization and a custom experience at the same time? 

2. Amy makes a great point with digital waste directly leading and contributing to physical waste. If we care about eliminating the vast amount of waste on a jobsite, then we need to start with how we can clean up our digital workflows first. 

3. Get creative when reaching out to new audiences for recruitment into the industry. I love Amy’s passion for women rugby players coming into the construction industry. It provides a wonderful example of what we should be doing to partner with people that would make an excellent addition to this great industry. 


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