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Prefab has demonstrated itself to be a valuable addition to the construction industry, but there’s still some pushback against it. When we’re certain of the benefit of new processes, we just need to be persistent. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” In this episode, Mike Barrett of CRB joins us to discuss how the cumulative successes of prefab will ultimately be key to widespread adoption.

Mike Barrett is Vice President of Technical Innovation and Delivery at CRB. He is passionate about excellence through project delivery and develops and drives innovative project delivery strategies across the entire project execution value stream. He brings a lean-thinking mindset to continuously seek out waste in project delivery processes, practices, tools, and methods in order to position CRB as a global leader in Life Science Project Execution.

Todd Takes

1. The shift towards prefabrication has been driven by the need to solve inefficiencies within the construction industry. This move is part of a broader trend towards seeking more effective, streamlined processes that enhance overall project delivery and outcomes.

2. Prefabrication stands out for delivering strategic benefits, including enhanced safety, improved quality, reduced project timelines, and greater cost certainty. These advantages position prefabrication as a key driver in transforming construction practices and achieving more predictable, reliable project outcomes.

3. Initial resistance to prefabrication often stems from a lack of familiarity with its benefits. Looking ahead, the integration of advanced technologies like AI and more cohesive workflows in prefab processes is essential for propelling the construction industry forward, with the potential for a more industrialized construction approach by 2030.


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