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What are the foundational building blocks of success with digital transformation? How do you know you’re moving in the right direction? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jason Saunders as they discuss the different ways the MEP industry is handling operational efficiency, how to achieve long-term success, what it means to really leverage your data, and how to properly communicate your vision from the office to the field. 

Jason Saunders is a Solutions Engineer at eSub Construction Software. He grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio and went to college at Purdue University. After graduating from Purdue, Jason took a position managing a territory for a building materials manufacturer in the roofing industry. Working with contractors, distributors, architects, and owners, he gained pre-con and construction experience. After extensive work with hundreds of trade contractors, Jason decided to leave his current position to pursue starting his own trade contracting business. 

todd takes

1. Consistency and simplicity are key components for building operational efficiency in construction. You want to communicate clearly and frequently about why you are doing something and what the goals are at the end. For example, technology for technology’s sake does not help anyone. You need to have a clear and specific vision for how you are going to leverage the technology before implementing and how it is applicable to all those using it. 

2. Don’t be afraid to try something new. As Jason and I discussed, sitting stagnant is not an option for building long-term success. Think through who is there to support and help you implement change. This is a great area to pick the right partners and trust them to help. 

3. Loyal listeners will no doubt have heard me talk about the need for better leveraging the data generated on projects. Jason had a great point that it starts with creating the plan for not only leveraging the data but how you enforce the plan to take the data to the next level. It is a long-term outlook. 


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