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When you think of modular and preconstruction, what comes to mind? Are there some misconceptions around the implications of these building styles, and how do we challenge those misconceptions? Join host Todd and guest Audree Grubesic as they discuss the parts of modular construction that go unseen, how the “seismic shift” in the industry will impact this form of construction, and how innovation plays a huge part in getting the word out about sustainable building. 

Audree M Grubesic is the owner of Modular Sure Site, an Off-Site Construction Management Service company. She has first-hand experience of project management on site using offsite solutions. Over the past 25+ years, she has excelled in marketing, sales, new business development, and homebuilding. This experience has led her to create a niche in the modular construction industry. Our specialty is modular residential and commercial consulting, along with management services including full team development.

Todd Takes

  1. Don’t be intimidated by the change process. As we’ve talked about a lot in recent episodes, the impact of change is in large part about your mindset. Embrace change. It’s a fact of life. You will come out the other side, and better for having gone through the transition.
  2. Modular construction is here. It isn’t a new concept but it is the future of the industry. Start small and expand from there. It is truly about creating those 1% improvements that stack on top of each other to create big changes.
  3. We have the ability to learn from other construction colleagues around the world. It’s one of my favorite things about this show. It’s an amazing thing that we can learn from others in different geographies what worked well for them and the hurdles they had to overcome. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this amazing resource. Most people are all too willing to share insights.


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