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Is the future of construction mycelium-based? That’s what Thomas van Haren asks in sustainable building initiative. Join host Todd and guest Thomas as they discuss Thomas’ work on Project Phoenix, the essential nature of sustainable housing, cost benefits of mycelium-based building materials, and the collaborative partnerships that have helped Project Phoenix take flight.

Thomas van Haren is the Chief Operating Officer of Ecovative, where he is responsible for the mycelium composites and raw materials business lines across the United States and Europe. Ecovative’s composite products are focused on replacing single use plastics, such as EPS and PU, for applications ranging from packaging to construction materials, while the raw materials business produces spawn and substates that are required for growing these products.

Todd Takes

1. Mycelium presents a fascinating and exciting opportunity for introducing sustainable materials into the world of construction. Its unique properties and eco-friendly nature make it a standout choice.

2. When we talk about sustainability initiatives, it’s crucial to adopt a long-term perspective. We must consider not only the immediate benefits but also the enduring strategy and dedication required for lasting positive impacts.

3. As the construction industry continues its journey towards sustainability, we can anticipate a convergence of innovative materials with traditional construction processes. This ongoing evolution promises continuous improvements in how we build and create a more eco-conscious future.


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