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We’re coming at you LIVE from MEP Force 2022 in San Antonio, TX. Our great friends of the show, Nathan Wood and Travis Voss joined us for this exclusive look at the conference and the theme: Stronger Together.

In this episode, the trio puts their finger to the pulse of the MEP industry as a whole looking at leadership, workflows, and what happens after you throw a bunch of tech at something and nothing improved.

Nathan is the founder and CEO of SpectrumAEC and Executive Director of the Construction Progress Coalition. He has had a reputation as an industry thought leader for nearly a decade. His specialties include BIM, collaboration, coaching, digital fabrication, VDC, and IPD.

Travis Voss is a Leader of Innovative Technology at Helm Mechanical. He uses his background in the tech field to explore, adapt, and perhaps develop technologies and workflows for the construction industry as it is thrust into its digital transformation. Helping Mechanical, Inc. stay on the cutting edge.

Todd Takes

  1. In order to truly be stronger together, we need to be ready and willing to be vulnerable about our ability. Only when we acknowledge what we don’t know can we seek to move the ball forward. A rising tide lifts all boats.
  2. Coopetition is a real thing and is needed from us to be more than just talk to be real world action.
  3. Take time on the front side to plan things out. It may seem like you are too busy to pause for planning but the reality is that you are too busy not to pause and plan first.


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