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What do get when you pack over 200 industry professionals into one Zoom meeting? If you guessed ‘have a virtual party’, ‘create an amazing conversation’, ‘push the industry forward’, ‘get a cooking demonstration’, ‘learn BBQ tips from a professional’, or ‘learn a new margarita recipe’, you’d be correct! 

In this episode we too a look at Day 2 of MEP Force 2020 on the Bridging the Gap Podcast. This special episode took place during a Virtual House Party. If you have attended MEP Force in person, then you know that the Block Party is one of the best parts of the whole event. Since we have a virtual conference this year, we switched it up a little bit. We featured a round table from some industry and podcast veterans: Rob McKinney, Nathan Wood, Travis Voss, and James Simpson, and the conversation that unfolded from there was nothing short of amazing. 

As the conversation kicked off, other special guests joined in, including: Kyle Speropoulous of MMC Contractors, Darren Young of Hermanson Company, Jeff Sample of eSUB, Jason Barber of Manufacton, Travis Althouse and Mark T. Jones of Revizto, Tim Vock of Gibson Electric Co, Saeed Eslami of VisualLive. 

Amy Marks of Autodesk, David Francis of ICT Tracker, Mike Zivanovic, Jason Ashburn, Ken Schneider of UA-ITF and Phil Nimmo of MCA also received shout outs from the crowd. 

Make sure to check out the recap from day 1 of the conference and don’t miss the story from day 3 tomorrow!

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