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It is an amazing time for construction but with the growth comes a lot of change. Are you harnessing the change required to launch you into a successful future? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Randee Herrin as they unpack change management, developing alignment throughout the organization, investing in a healthy culture, data strategy, diversity in the workplace and more. 

Randee Herrin is the Senior Vice President of Construction Technologies & Manufacturing at TDIndustries, Inc. With 20+ years of experience as a leader in construction, she has been innovative and utilized technology to drive value creation through big-picture and futuristic thinking. She is well versed in technology-driven workflows to transform how building and construction is executed.

Todd Takes

1.      We are in the midst of an amazing time for construction. A true Renaissance. The skills of the future are requiring a whole new mindset to prepare for jobs and skills that haven’t even been created yet.

2.      Because of the moment of change we are in, having good change management becomes mission critical for companies and the industry. Randee had many incredible insights on how to lead change management well. I loved breaking it down to the 5 E’s of Engage, Enable, Execute, Evaluate and Embed. Another major component of this is to understand the psychology of people and your team dynamics. How well you are able to navigate change will be directly related to how comfortable you make people feel throughout the process by communicating a specific why to the correct audience.

3.      We reference the importance of culture a lot on the show for a reason. Make sure you are developing and investing in a culture that is eager to embrace the new innovative mindsets like DfMA across all of your departments.

4.      And a bonus take, Randee had a great answer on my innovation question. Innovation is the ability to see into the future AND know the steps it will take to make it a reality


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