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Where do you think we’re headed in the construction industry? What do you think encourages our potential? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest René Morkos as they discuss ALICE—an AI-powered construction platform, the potential in efficiency and cost savings when it comes to artificial intelligence, the construction industry’s historical reluctance to adopt new technology, where the current market is headed, and much more.

René Morkos is the founder and CEO of ALICE Technologies and teaches at Stanford University’s Ph.D program in Construction Management. The son of a civil engineer, René grew up in the construction industry. He has worked on construction projects worldwide. His professional experience ranges from working as a project manager in Afghanistan to building an underwater pipeline project in Beirut, from driving automation engineering on a $350 million gas refinery expansion project in Abu Dhabi to leading the development of a virtual design and construction model for Amsterdam’s cruise ship terminal.. René received his Ph.D in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University, his MSCE in Construction Management from USC, and his BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from American University of Beirut.

Todd Takes

  1. Hopefully after listening to that conversation, you are as excited and hopeful for the future of the construction industry as I am. Now is definitely the time to be in construction

  2. René had a great line that over the next 10 years we are going to see the digital representations connect with the analog reality. The technology in the space is going to enable people to do less and less mundane work while having a bigger impact and responsibilities in ways we can’t even fully think of currently. 

  3. Innovation is a matter of will power and the desire to try something. Anyone can be innovative if you are willing to take the risk and endure the pain. For those that do, it is well worth the price. 


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