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Join host Todd and guest Tammy McConaughy as they discuss lean manufacturing vs. lean construction, some of the best and easiest ways to reduce waste on the construction field, how to move away from being “risk averse” in the industry, and the end goals that we can look forward to when it comes to lean construction.

Tammy McConaughy is a Six Sigma black belt and certified national trainer with the Lean Construction Institute. As the Global Director of Lean Delivery, she develops, facilitates and supports CRB Group’s international Lean design and construction programs. She is also a contributing author to the LCI published book, “Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation.”

Todd Takes

1.      As we talk about a lot on the show, we need to lead with a respect for people. This involves having better conversations with the right people at the right time. It also involves creating valuable feedback loops that people can confidently trust.

2.      When implementing lean construction, there needs to be a balance in the leadership driving the importance and a grassroots approach to build momentum and excitement. If you are missing one of those wings, your plan will not fly.

3.      Tools will only get you so far. I loved Tammy’s line that “there is a difference between DOING lean and BEING lean.” Like with so many things, it requires a mindset shift. 


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