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As prefabrication becomes more and more popular, what opportunities have risen to meet it? How do we keep up? Join host Todd and guest Neil Wypior as they discuss lessons learned about the manufacturing process, how to move past and leverage supply chain disruption, and the importance of data in DfMA.

Neil Wypior is the Managing Director of EVO-MEP. He is an educator and enabler of prefabrication and modular construction with extensive international experience. He specializes in prefabricated and modular building service sand his passions are to design, engineer, and construct. 

Todd takes

1.      Providing opportunities for hands-on exposure to the trades is a crucial component in helping to recruit new people into the industry. The trades are able to provide a creative outlet to a whole lot of people. Don’t let it continue being a great kept secret.

2.      The debate between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Construction is very interesting. I think it is worth taking time to think through should the industry be more process driven or flow driven. Per last week’s episode, that will impact the business model that you operate in.

3.      Neil had a great point around taking the time to figure out where you are in the journey to DfMA and Industrialized Construction. Get a gut check and level set to determine what the next right step for you is in the journey. Don’t make the mistake of trying to jump too far ahead in the journey. It is ok to take simple forward steps as you begin your journey. 


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