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The great Dave Cooper joined us at Advancing Prefab 2024. He brought plenty of energy and hard facts about the industry. Namely, there is a cool-factor with jobs when you’re young. If you can go home and show off the unique things you’re doing and building in a career, it’s going to be a draw for the next generation. Once you have people on board, how do you keep them there? Culture. Culture. Culture. Tune in to see where the rest of the conversation went.

Dave is a a home builder, vlogger and believer in the power of personal brand. He started creating video content to showcase the value of modular construction. Over time, he connected with industry leaders changing the way we build new homes, specifically in the offsite construction marketplace and regularly hosts the show Dave Cooper Live.

Todd Takes

1. Integrating gaming technology into construction not only modernizes the sector but also makes it more appealing to younger generations. This approach leverages the familiarity and engagement of gaming to introduce innovative practices and tools in construction.

2. Encouraging individuals to share their perspectives and experiences can significantly drive progress within the construction industry. Active participation helps to identify areas for improvement and fosters a culture of continuous innovation.

3. Establishing a community of like-minded innovators is crucial for collective advancement in construction. This network facilitates the exchange of ideas, encourages collaboration, and accelerates the development of new solutions and technologies.


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