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There are many roads for architects and artists to explore. For architect Renzo Verbeck and artist Sylvia Lisse, those roads led to teaming up on the creation of a Temple at Burning Man, for a second time. Join Todd, Renzo Verbeck, and Sylvia Lisse as they talk about the benefits of thinking unreasonably and how that allows creative artistic expression to flourish. Learn about their individual processes, journeys, and project takeaways, as well as how they feel about the status quo.Renzo Verbeck of Verbeck Design Studio in Boulder, Colorado is an architect, sculptor and builder with three decades of experience. He is a Licensed Architect in the state of Colorado, and he is a member of the American Institute of Architects. He is passionate about upholding the client-architect relationship and committing himself to every detail of his projects. Sylvia Lisse of Jackson, Wyoming has been working on interactive art teams since 2013. She has worked on art projects for Burning Man, BM Regional events, Oregon Eclipse Symbiosis Festival, What The Festival, and for Sonic Bloom.


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