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Where is the construction industry right now on the road to tech adoption? What steps do we need to take to guarantee successful technology implementation? Join host Todd and guest Russell Haworth as they discuss the mindset that’s needed to move forward with technology, the arc of the industry’s digital transformation journey, how tech can assist us in tackling bigger issues like sustainability and carbon emissions, and more.

Russell Haworth is a technology-focused CEO with a proven track record of growing businesses with new products in new markets. He specializes in optimizing the intersection of data, cloud, and machine learning for SaaS products.

Todd Takes

1. Data is both an opportunity and a current hurdle for the industry. We are not facing a technology problem so much as a data problem. The goal with data is to collect, analyze and share. 

2. Seize the day now for the future. Russell said to start with the intended outcome and work backwards from there. I agree. If we aren’t planning with an eye on where we want to be in 2030 and beyond, we are already off pace from accomplishing our goals. 

3. Finally, we are at the foothills of digital transformation and innovation for construction. The next decade is going to be one fun and exciting ride for those that are eager to make an impact. 


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