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Are you ignoring what is possible by not taking the time needed to understand perspectives? Join host Todd and guest Mike Buckiewicz as they talk through the value of soft skills in construction, the human element needed, utilizing disruption for the betterment of your company and the encouraging other construction innovators. 

Mike Buckiewicz’s career spans technology, construction, government, and private consulting engagements that are all focused on identifying methods or strategies to improve the way that things get done. This unique blend of experience enables me to connect with a wide variety of people in order to define the objectives and build buy-in for a unified vision of success. He works in Virtual VDC Management, Construction Technology Adoption, and Agile Facilitation. 

Todd Takes

1. Do not underestimate an idea solely based on where or who is bringing it forward. Sometimes, the best and most innovative ideas come from unlikely sources who can provide fresh eyes and perspectives. Everyone needs to have a healthy respect for perspectives. 

2. Soft skills are incredibly important and far undervalued in construction. It provides a foundational element for growth. Mike talked a lot about the need for a people first culture. I could not agree with this more. A healthy culture is so important. You need make people feel heard and unpack the why behind what they are doing. I loved when Mike said you are “ignoring the possibilities that could happen if you don’t take time to understand the culture that is needed.” Now is the time to place a focus on culture. Technology is making it easier to collaborate and communicate. But it is still up to you to bring down the barriers. Enough with the silos. 

3. Finally, it is ok to be uncomfortable. Stay curious and ask questions. That is when true innovation can thrive. 


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