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When change can sometimes lead to failure, how do we embrace those lessons to champion the value of innovation? Join host Todd and guest Hamzah Shanbari as they discuss what it truly means to learn from failure, how to create a culture of innovation in the construction industry, the Haskell approach of “Invest, Invent, and Innovate,” and much more. 

Hamzah Shanbari is the Director of Innovation at Haskell. He is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what is possible in the construction industry, and he is excited to continue making a positive impact in his field

Todd Takes

1. Listen closely to those around you to really understand their pain points as they express them. When you do this, you will start to be able to identify potential solutions to the problem that will actually address the real world problem and create buy-in from the team. 

2. Love the line Hamzah said that “it is only a failure if you stop”. That is so true. There are so many valuable lessons learned from a failure if you have the courage to do an honest self-assessment and grit to move forward. 

3. It is important to create circular feedback loops regularly throughout the process so that you can document everything along the way instead of waiting for the very end. You will be able to pivot in the right direction quicker and easier.


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