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When you look at your professional field, do you see a need for improvement? How about room to grow? We can all benefit from improvement, though we might not realize it at the time. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Slater Latour as they discuss sharing information cross-industry, the need for data standardization and organization, and the progress we’ve made towards streamlining information. 

Slater Latour is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Newforma. He is focused on helping Newforma continue to build a great business by delivering valuable solutions to the AEC industry. Slater has held multiple corporate strategy and cross-functional leadership roles at vertical software, financial technology, and financial services organizations ranging from early-stage start-ups to one of the ten largest diversified financial services providers in the world.

Todd Takes

  1. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, there is tremendous value in looking to other industries and learning. The area of interoperability is no different. The construction industry can look to see what worked well and what leaves room for improvement in those other industries and then map out how it might work in our industry and what needs to be changed to be in line with the unique complexities we have. 
  2. When thinking through your data, look for unique identifiers on your data and places to provide enough structure around the data for an easier standardization. 
  3. In order for data to be useful, it must first be organized. Make sure you have the tools and plan to govern, maintain and analyze the data properly. 


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