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The productization of prefab will be a tricky and incremental process. Can we still bring our creativity to the table when there are so many unknowns? In this episode, Todd Mustard joins us at Advancing Prefabrication 2024 and sparks a discussion about repurposing supply chains, the power of BI dashboards, and growing widespread interest in IBEW Local 48.

Todd Mustard is Executive Manager at Oregon Columbia Chapter NECA. He represents over 200 electrical contracting businesses that employ over 6,000 union professionals in northern Oregon and southern Washington. He is passionate about advancing the interests and values of the electrical construction industry.

Todd Takes

1. The construction industry, particularly in electrical work, has evolved significantly with an increased focus on prefabrication and modular methods. Companies are implementing comprehensive prefabrication strategies, ranging from full electrical room setups to data center components, improving efficiency and driving industry growth.

2. As the industry advances, it faces challenges like product component intricacies and the need for bespoke solutions. However, these challenges are being met with incremental improvements and innovations, particularly in supply chain integration, which enhances communication and efficiency across projects.

3. The skilled labor shortage remains a critical issue, but efforts are underway to address this through enhanced training programs and outreach. Additionally, technology, especially AI and software interoperability, is increasingly pivotal, facilitating better project management and pushing the prefab movement forward.


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