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That’s a wrap on MEP Force 2021! A truly global virtual/hybrid conference spanning 40 states and 6 continents. Being indestructible means booting up your device and getting the work done from half way across the world, and still having time to network with industry peers.

For this episode, Jake Olsen and Amy Peck joined us once again to wrap up the final day of MEP Force. When taking a look back over Angie Simon’s Keynote, breakout sessions, and roundtables, a few common threads shone through today. Supply chains are fragile, and it’s going to take a lot of coordinated effort and ingenuity to keep them flowing. The key to hiring and appealing to the next digital native generation may end up being hands-on learning. Finally, we must learn from our past projects and seasoned individuals before this knowledge slips through our fingertips.

Amy Peck is the founder and CEO of EndeavorVR. From healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and entertainment to government and industrial use cases, her personal goal is to bridge the gap between the leading edge tech and clients ready to adopt the myriad solutions in the AR/VR stratosphere.

Jake has worked in the industry as an engineer and entrepreneur for over 20 years both in the USA and abroad developing new products, software and businesses to transform the way we build. Jake holds a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in California.


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