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New cost management tech is taking the world by storm. How can you identify which software is best for you? Join host Todd and guest Brad Buckles as they discuss the most common misunderstandings in tech implementation, Autodesk Build’s popular Cost Management tool, ERP system integration challenges, and more.

Brad Buckles is the VP of Technology and Innovation at Charles Perry Partners. Brad, a technologist at heart with an expedition into the construction industry, has been blending these two worlds for nearly 12 years. His background in technology laid the foundation for a career that has since evolved to focus on how technological innovations can revolutionize the construction sector. With almost three decades of experience in technology and a significant chapter in construction, Brad brings a unique perspective to the table, emphasizing the importance of integrating cutting-edge tech solutions into construction processes.

Todd Takes

1. Love the concept that implementations happen in 3 emotional states – Vision, Freak Out, and Comfort Zone. That is so true. The amount of time spent in ‘Freak Out’ is directly proportional to the time spent planning at the start of the process.

2. The need for better collaboration and documentation of the process is fundamental for success. Listen to the stakeholders and solve the problem at the root cause level.

3. Developing SOPs are an important resource that, as Brad said, should ‘be designed to be challenged.’ This dramatically helps to foster better collaboration.

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