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There’s an invisible revolution happening right now, and it’s probably affecting you. How? Join host Todd and guest Oliver Lepinoy as they discuss the potential benefits of disruption, the importance of perceptions and belief systems, the best ways to measure success, and how to address the biggest changes facing the industry today. 

Olivier Lepinoy belongs to the Autodesk Business Development team for the AEC industry. Olivier took part in multiple platform initiatives for the largest firms worldwide. He now focuses his effort on helping AEC companies explore and build new business models. Before joining Autodesk, Olivier worked in Architecture, for VINCI, for Accenture, and for IBM. He is one of the co-authors of two acclaimed books about Innovation in Construction. Olivier holds two Master’s Degrees: in Civil Engineering and in Earthquake Engineering. He is also a licensed architect and an urban designer.

Todd Takes

  1. There is an invisible revolution happening in the industry when it comes to data. The companies that have figured that out and are seeking to optimize their data strategy have a massive leg up on the future. This requires that you do not just react to what is coming at you but take time on the front end to strategize and think through your plan
  2. Don’t fall into a trap of poor self-perception. Construction is more innovative and tech-centric than what a lot of people, even in the industry, give it credit for. As Olivier said, “let go of your ordinary perceptions”. Get out of your bubble to get a better perspective on reality. Olivier also said that “innovation just through technology isn’t enough”, I more than agree. A mindset shift is required as well. 
  3. Make sure the business model that you think you are operating in is the actual model that plays out in reality. It is so valuable to get a diversity of thought and perspectives to speak into this objectively.


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