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What’s the biggest hurdle stopping the industry from adopting tech as a whole? How do we address that hurdle and jump over it? Join host Todd and guest Matt Kleiman as they discuss the similarities between construction and aerospace, what we stand to learn from different industries, how to know you can rely on your systems under pressure, and more.

Matt Kleiman is the cofounder and CEO of Cumulus Digital Systems, an IoT platform originating from Shell’s TechWorks division that was named on CNBC’s Upstart 100 list of the brightest, most intriguing startups. With previous experience at Shell and Draper, Matt has an extensive background in technology and energy.

Todd Takes

1. Technology partners are a critical component in any successful implementation. Make sure you are relying on companies that come alongside of you when learning new tech. 

2. Do not fall into the trap of keeping up with the Jones. Instead, take the time to think through your business strategy and always be asking yourself what are you trying to accomplish? Once you have that clearly defined you will be able to decide what tech tools you need to fully accomplish your mission. 

3. Look for ways to address and fix the systems instead of each individual part. I thought that was a great lesson learned from the aerospace industry that Matt brought up.


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