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Join host Todd and guest Aviv Leibovici as they discuss an outside perspective on the issues faced by the industry, how technology can fundamentally change construction, an expert’s opinion on AI involvement on projects, and the next steps we should take to make our workflows more modern.

Aviv Leibovici is a co-founders and Chief of Product of Buildots, a company that solves one of the biggest challenges in construction management using an AI-based approach. He comes from a background of data-heavy cyber security systems and leads the company’s product development and relationship with the British construction industry.

Todd Takes

1. As we kick off the new year, don’t allow yourself to be complacent with the status quo. There are always things that can be improved. If you have ever been frustrated with a process and said to yourself there has to be a better way, you are probably right. Go look for it or help develop it. 

2. I liked how Aviv broke connected construction into two fundamental parts – information and people. Only once both the information and people are connected and working from the same data and with the same goal can the industry truly move forward

3. Being able to standardize the data and information of a project is the next step in industrialization of the construction industry.  


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