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Are you ready to turn the volume up and rock the trades loud? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Christopher Brenchley as they discuss the state of the trades today, the absolute importance of skilled tradesmen as essential workers, how Rock the Trades is helping to revitalize the workforce, and how there would be “no white-collar world without blue-collar workers.”

A digital evangelist for nearly three decades, Christopher Brenchley is co-founder and CEO of Surehand, Inc.—an industrial talent sourcing platform provider—and the driving force behind the Rock the Trades workforce development movement. He is deeply committed to expanding awareness of blue-collar career paths, reducing industrial labor shortages, and ending underemployment. Get involved at https://rockthetrades.com.

Todd Takes

1.      This conversation really gets at one of my soapbox topics around helping to change the perception problem that exists around the skilled trades. Loved that Chris is working to help, in his words, “elevate the perception of the skilled trades back to the industrial artists that they were decades ago.”

2.      To help increase exposure to the trades and reach a younger audience, we need to humanize the trades while getting information out about the reality of this industry in current and creative ways.

3.      The key to accomplishing this rests in our ability as an industry to lock arms with each other around a single message and rallying cry. I love the “Rock the Trades” mindset to bring people together to turn the cameras around and show the amazing things happening in the industry. So, let’s go rock the trades together! 


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