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Work shouldn’t be wasteful and work shouldn’t be burdensome. Robert Penney says that anyone who has stopped liking their work can find joy in it again through better communication, process improvement, and keeping a pulse on the latest industry best practices. Building skills looks different for everyone and the path towards enjoying your work again may surprise you.

Robert Penney is the national director of continuous improvement for Skanska and is a featured co-author sharing his expertise in the anthology, Secrets of the Construction Industry.

Todd Takes

1. Emphasize the importance of defining key words, terms, and goals upfront to ensure alignment among all stakeholders involved in a project. This clarity fosters better communication and collaboration from the outset.

2. Highlight the critical nature of dedicating time to thoroughly plan out the project, including its goals and direction. Despite the tight timelines typical in construction, setting clear expectations and alignment early on can save time and streamline the project’s progression.

3. Stress the significance of adopting a mindset geared towards continuous improvement. Encourage being perpetually curious and committed to learning, staying open to innovative ideas and concepts. Also, underline the value of maintaining an open network and the humility to seek out expertise when needed.


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