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What’s the best way to transition from a 2D workflow to a digital one? How do you gain a holistic and competitive advantage with your BIM workflows? Join host Todd and guest Eric Bernier as they discuss “leveling up” with BIM, what it really means to “model the future” with Graitec, and the next steps we’ll witness in the industry as it relates to construction and sustainability trends.

Eric Bernier is the BIM + VDC Technical Director of Graitec Group. He is a senior architectural technologist with years of experience in construction, drawing room and project management. Eric is a certified expert in Revit and ACI by Autodesk, trainer, coach, BIM strategist, project manager and Revit pioneer in Quebec, Canada and helps firms with their digital shift and BIM adoption.

Todd Takes

1. It is important to find a group of fellow innovators to bounce ideas off each other. Sometimes, it can feel like you are on an island but you are not. There are a lot of innovators throughout the industry doing amazing things. Go find user groups to form community and get inspired. 

2. When implementing a new workflow, proper change management is key. Take the time to learn the motivation of people wanting to change and arguably more importantly those that are resistant to change. When you can address the concern and motivation across every level you will be more successful. 

3. I loved the innovative mindset that Eric brings to the table in wanting to constantly explore what is out there technologically in order to bring it to others. That mindset is what helps to move the industry forward. 


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