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Offsite facilities are opening up everywhere. Everyone wants a shot at getting prefab ‘right’ and growing the industry into the massive potential that we know is there. Will the backbone of the industry still remain in hardware or are currents shifting towards software?

Anthony Montesano is a solution sales manager at StrucSoft. He is a seasoned veteran of the industry – from shipping software on CDs in the early 2000s to connecting teams with the tools to build the Las Vegas Sphere and beyond.

Todd Takes

1. Invest time in understanding the technology available in the market. Assess how these technological solutions can be strategically leveraged to benefit your current situation.

2. The importance of having a well-thought-out game plan before implementing new software cannot be overstated. Collaborate closely with partners to ensure a seamless integration process.

3. Solution providers, including companies like StrucSoft, are keen to become your valued partners. Seize the opportunity to engage with them, making the most of their willingness to invest in your success.


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