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How can you know that you’re growing in the right direction? What’s your company’s next big step? Join host Todd and guest Matt DiBara as they discuss the state of industrialization, the hurdles facing the industry in 2023, the best ways for us to approach the current labor shortage, and more.

Matt DiBara is the Co-Founder of The Contractor Consultants, Owner of DiBara Masonry, and Founder of The Undercover Contractor. Matt is dedicated to help contractors make better decisions.

Todd Takes

1. There is a ton of power in owning and sharing your story. Matt had a great point that he felt free to do that once he realized it was helping other people and not bragging. We all have aspects of our story that would be helpful to tell, that is what we should share throughout the industry. 

2. Don’t overthink innovation. Matt’s bridge project story is the perfect example. In almost every case, the simplest answer is usually the best and most innovative. Simple can get a bad rap but the truth is it is harder to be more efficient and simpler, but it is worth it. 

3. Avoid the shiny object syndrome. I love innovation as much as the next creative thinking. However, we would do well to not lose track of what is a proven success just because something new is working too. 


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