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How do you build something that’s never been tried before? How do you model something that’s never been modeled before? If you’re looking for the answer to those questions, Alain Michalak is your guy. He brings the “there must be a way” mindset to every project – including the Las Vegas Sphere. This episode is rich with advice for challenging the way things have always been done and paving the way for projects of the future.

Alain Michalak is a BIM Senior Specialist with passion for practicing early architectural techniques and concepts with modern innovative technology. His unique projects include the MSG Sphere at the Venetian, Allegiant Stadium, Resorts World Las Vegas and more.

Todd Takes

1. Building a solid foundation with stakeholders and team members is crucial for the long-term success of any project. This involves taking the time to genuinely understand and connect with your team, listening attentively to their needs and concerns. Such efforts not only foster a positive working environment but also enhance efficiency and effectiveness, especially when navigating through change management processes. Establishing strong rapport lays the groundwork for a collaborative and supportive project atmosphere, where everyone feels valued and heard.

2. Embracing a mindset of continuous inquiry is key to driving innovation. Don’t hesitate to question the status quo and explore new possibilities by asking “why” and experimenting with different approaches. This natural curiosity stimulates creative thinking, leading to the discovery of innovative solutions that might not be immediately apparent. Encouraging yourself and your team to remain curious and open-minded can significantly impact the project’s ability to adapt and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

3. Keeping things simple is often more challenging than it appears, yet it is a powerful strategy for innovation. In a world cluttered with complex solutions and processes, the ability to streamline and simplify can set your project apart. Simplicity leads to clearer understanding, easier implementation, and better user experience. By focusing on the essentials and removing unnecessary complications, you can achieve more efficient, effective, and innovative outcomes. Remember, simplicity is not just an objective; it’s a mindset that can drive groundbreaking ideas and solutions.


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