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What’s the connection between STEM education and the trades? When it comes to recruiting the new generation, that connection may actually be crucial to the future of the industry. In this episode, Mike McCarthy of Design Communications, Ltd. joined the podcast and sparked an important discussion about the balance between creativity and practicality, the impact of experiential design in large-scale projects, and some surprising ways in which art, engineering, and construction all intersect.

Mike McCarthy is Vice President of Design Communications Ltd (DCL), an internationally recognized custom manufacturer of architectural specialty products with locations in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, and Orlando. Mike has been involved with thousands of projects over his 25 year career with DCL. This includes work for Walt Disney World, SoFi Stadium, TD Garden, Madison Square Garden, Gillette Stadium, Netflix, Linked In, Amazon, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Hasbro, Logan Airport and many others. 

Todd Takes

  1. The Power of Clear Communication: Clear communication upfront is essential for creating alignment and ensuring success. Visual plans are particularly effective in cementing the vision.
  2. Long-Term Vision for Building Use: It’s important to have a long-term view of the building’s use case, considering how people will move and interact with the space while ensuring it remains relevant.
  3. Adaptation and Innovation for Success: Adaptation is crucial for innovation and long-term success. Attracting and retaining top talent, while making the industry attainable and relatable, can spark interest in construction.

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