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What can you learn from building an awareness of failure? How do you encourage people to input good data to leverage across the project lifecycle? Join host Todd and guest Blake Douglas as they discuss the exponential growth that occurs when everyone in the company looks out for one another, the future of construction, and much more.

Blake Douglas is Director of Construction Services at Applied Software. Blake seeks to champion technology innovation to help bring projects to completion on time and under budget while driving real business results for construction teams.

Todd Takes

  1. Fine tuning the built environment involves people and materials with a goal of creating repeat customers. The key to pulling this off is quality data across the project lifecycle.
  2. To help ensure everyone in the company is doing their part of inputting good data, you must make it real for them on the why but even more importantly on how they benefit personally. It goes back to the conversation Blake and I had around the back of the jersey playing for the front of the jersey and the front playing for the back. When both sides equally view themselves on the same team magic happens.
  3. Loved what came out of Blake’s innovation answer around being comfortable in the cycle of continuous failing that leads to continuous learning. As I said, learning from failure is a muscle that takes hard work to build but wow can create exponential growth when it happens. For the record, exponential is the word I was trying to think of in the moment with Blake.


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