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What does it mean to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their pain points when it comes to data strategy? Is this important? Join host Todd and guest Justin Fellows as they discuss starting with the right mindset, how to change from being reactive to proactive, common hurdles in tech adoption, developing the right data strategy and much more.

Justin Fellows is the Founder and Claims Consultant at 53 Quantum LD. He helps senior commercial directors, contract directors, planners and lawyers in the construction industry clarify construction data, minimize exposure to future disputes and financial risk, reduce delays and overruns and minimize the costs associated with them by using emerging technology such as machine learning and AI to provide results faster and more accurately.

Todd Takes

1.      It is important to come to any discussion with a great deal of empathy while checking your own ego at the door. I know from personal experience that this is way easier said than done. However, it is way more productive (professionally and personally) to engage in conversations when you are earnestly seeking to learn from the other person.

2.      When it comes to data strategy, start with the end in mind. What are the questions you need answered? Then work backwards to see how the data can provide you that information. Make sure you are crowdsourcing ideas and clearly communicate the vision and goals along the way.

3.      When you are evaluating tools and technologies, make sure the tool you bring on is solving the problem you have. You could have the best technology in the world but if it isn’t addressing the problem you are seeking to solve, you are still going to have your problem. 

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