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With all the technology and innovation happening in the construction industry, are we overcomplicating growth? Join host Todd and guest Tom Stemm of Ryvit as they discuss how to fully leverage your data across platforms and ecosystems, the importance of accountability and transparency to foster true collaboration and what it means to grow or die.  

Tom Stemm is a longstanding Entrepreneur and technology enthusiast with several years of broad experience building companies from the ground up. His penchant is geared toward providing consultation and partnership to other companies, pursuing complex problems to enable unique solutions, and simplifying the overall path to success for small businesses.


1. Construction is primed to take advantage of the innovation and technology that has been injected into the industry, but we can’t overcomplicate technology evaluation. Ask yourself do you view technology as a cost or an investment? Why? 

2. The answer to the first point may be found in this second question. Are you able to have the data you generate where and when you need it? Interoperability is crucial for the industry moving forward. We should not let our valuable data be going to waste. We need to have accountability which leads to transparency which turns collaboration from just a nice to have buzzword into a reality. 

3. Tom gave one of my favorite answers so far on my what is innovation question. Simply put innovation is a willingness to change. Honestly ask yourself, are you wasting your potential by not growing? We must have an attitude towards experimentation. The simple fact is failing is not what you think it is. Failing in the traditional sense is an opportunity to learn. In reality, you only really fail when you do not try something new. So, go out and try. 


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