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How can we successfully contextualize the construction industry for the new generation? What role does technology play—and what about creative concepts like children’s books? Join host Todd and guests Chris Eccleston and Jenny Schroen as they discuss the children’s construction book series Grit Leads to Greatness, the initiatives we can all take to change perceptions of construction, the huge variety of job and growth opportunities in the industry, and much more.

Chris is the CEO and founder of Delmarva Veteran Builders (DVB) located in his hometown of Salisbury, Maryland. He proudly served in the Navy for 6 years as a nuclear machinist mate, completing 3 tours of duty. After the military, Chris received a construction management degree and has become a passionate warrior defending the image of tradespeople. As DVB grew, the company gained recognition for its strong company culture and fresh approach.

Jenny is the Creative Developer for DVB. In 2020, she won a MarCom Award, an international creative competition for developing DVB’s ad campaign “Grit Leads to Greatness”. In-depth research regarding the power of GRIT and her first-hand view of the workforce shortage inspired Jenny to team up with Chris to co-write a children’s book titled “Grit to Greatness”, a nod to her own children for preserving through tough times while demonstrating to all people the vital impact construction trades have on the world. 

Todd Takes

1. I love the concept of a “legacy moment”. Let’s embrace the potential of this time by sharing what we know with the next generation. 

2. The grit and creative problem solving inherent in construction is inspiring and something that we need to own and communicate more. 

3. Yes, we have to worry about recruiting workers into construction now, but we also have to take a yes and approach and reach younger audiences through creative means to truly make construction cool again. 


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