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Are you willing to push past the failures and pain that’s others won’t? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Greg Santoro as they discuss digitization, the generation of new ideas in the workplace, how storytelling ties into innovation, how to focus on the continuation of learning and growth, how to adapt to the latest global trends, and much more.  

Greg Santoro earned his B.A. in Economics at Yale University. After working in strategy consulting for two years, Greg started his career in the construction industry working in a technology incubator at Stanley Black & Decker. He then moved on to Co-Founding DADO, where he serves as Head of Product.

Todd Takes

  1.   As a practice of continual improvement, it is so important to develop the space to sit with a blank sheet of paper to ideate and try new things.
  2. Loved what Greg was saying about the need to develop a robust knowledge base for yourself by looking to other industries, topics and perspectives different from your own. You want to be well rounded to bring an open mind to the team.
  3. Greg was spot on when he said, “innovation is about pushing past the pain points that other people do not.” Failure is not an end point. It is where the learning begins. 


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