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What if saving an hour a day could revolutionize the construction industry? DPR’s Kyle Knauer explores this provocative idea. Discover how simple tech solutions are more than just time-savers; they’re life-changers. Knauer delves into the challenges of integrating new technologies in construction, balancing flashy features with functional simplicity. This episode offers a deep dive into understanding user needs and adapting to varying project requirements, highlighting the transformative impact of technology in construction.

Kyle is an Integration Manager at DPR Construction servicing Phoenix and San Diego business units, along with national efforts related to construction technology. Kyle is coming up on his seventh year at DPR, where he started on the project management side until he switched roles to become an integration manager.

Todd Takes

1. Streamline technology and workflows for scalabilityTechnology and workflows are becoming increasingly consistent, enabling better scalability in construction.

2. Enhance technology adoption through buy-InTo boost technology adoption, it’s crucial to assess whether individuals perceive it as a tool that lightens their workload. This perception significantly influences their willingness to embrace it.

3. Establishing a supportive community is an exceptional strategy for promoting technology adoption and fostering enthusiasm. Sharing knowledge and experiences with one another accelerates our collective success.


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