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Technology stacks are transforming the construction industry. In the years to come, what benefits in decision-making and project efficiency might we see from this transformation? Join Todd and guest Edward Garcia for an in-depth conversation on traditional vs. transformative methods, how to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, cross-collaborating with engineering and fabrication teams to ensure feasibility, and much more.

Edward Garcia is a seasoned professional in the field of building materials, currently serving as the Senior Engineering Manager for Synergi. With a rich background in project management and a keen focus on innovation and technology integration within the construction industry, Edward brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of architectural advancements and efficient building solutions.

Todd Takes

Balancing Tradition and Innovation: Emphasize the importance of finding a harmony between established, traditional work methods and the adoption of innovative, technologically advanced approaches. This balance is key to maintaining efficiency and leveraging the best of both worlds.

Technology as a Complement, Not a Replacement: Stress that technology should be seen as an enhancement to your existing processes, enriching the way we work rather than replacing the human element. It’s about using technology wisely to support and improve our efforts.

The Importance of Early, Transparent Communication: Highlight the necessity of having open and honest discussions with all project stakeholders from the outset. Use the analogy of “having the DTR (Define The Relationship) early” to stress the importance of clarifying each person’s roles, terms, and objectives as soon as possible. This approach helps prevent misunderstandings, reduces frustration, and ensures smoother project execution.


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