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Join host Todd Weyandt and guests Clay Smith, James Simpson, Steve King, Adam Heon, and Michael Schinn for a first look at the release of eVolve 5.0. You’ll learn more about the “why” and “who” behind eVolve MEP, what to expect from this latest release, which features each guest is most excited about, how eVolve and AI are getting involved, the upcoming MEP Force event, and much more!

Clay Smith is the CEO of eVolve MEP. James Simpson is a Product Manager at eVolve MEP. Steve King is a Prefab Consultant at eVolve MEP. Adam Heon is an Electrical Segment Manager at eVolve MEP. Michael Schinn is a Product Manager at eVolve MEP.

todd takes

1.      A common refrain that came up during this conversation was the importance of modeling the way you build it. I agree that this should not only be an aspiration but a practicality for construction. There are major efficiency gains when this becomes reality.

2.      With the skilled labor shortage continuing to face the industry and so many people retiring out, it is critical to incorporate the worker’s knowledge into the software we use. Also, the need for a single source of truth to get the entire team from the office to the field communicating properly and with the same set of facts is a necessity.

3.      Finally, make your voice and opinion known to the software provider you use. Find a partner that is willing and wanting to hear from you as they develop features to serve your actual workflow needs. 


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