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It’s true: audio and video are the “in” thing, especially when it comes to spreading the word about your company. Do you feel hesitant about adopting videography, or are you completely on board? Join host Todd and guest Dan Maitland as they discuss how to “own your story,” the importance of storytelling through the “hero’s journey,” the ROI on videography in construction companies, and how to embrace the camera as someone who may be camera-shy. Dan Maitland is a commercial producer and video director at Meticulous Image. He is in the business of telling great stories to build your brand and make you money.

todd takes

1. First off, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your story isn’t compelling. Everyone and every company have a story worth sharing. Some may come more intuitively than others, that is ok. Take time to find your passionate viewpoint. 

2. As Dan reminded, a good story harkens back to our high school English class. Identify the key elements of storytelling and even write them down – Who, What, When, Where and How. You don’t have to overcomplicate the process. 

3. Finally, it is important to put your audience in the “Hero” perspective, not you. It is far better, especially for a company, to be positioned as the “Guide” not the “Hero”. 


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