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Live from Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Steve Dell’Orto of ConCntric joins the podcast to discuss some of the most common misconceptions surrounding precon, how top-of-the-line technology truly benefits those who are the backbone of the construction industry, and how a resistance to change can be reframed towards a desire to be a champion of innovation.

Steve Dell’Orto is the founder and CEO of ConCntric. Since launching ConCntric in 2021, Steve has built a dynamic global team and secured support from strategic and notable investors. Steve and his team are on a mission to make the built world more affordable, predictable and sustainable, and are uniquely positioned to transform the future for the construction and real estate industry.

Todd Takes

  1. Importance of Strategic Thinking: Allocating time for whitespace strategic thinking and planning is essential. This approach allows for creativity and innovation, providing the space needed to develop and refine strategies effectively.
  2. People and Opportunities in Preconstruction: Preconstruction is filled with talented individuals and exciting opportunities. It’s a field that continually attracts skilled professionals who drive the industry forward with their expertise and vision.
  3. Technology and Data in Preconstruction: Leveraging technology and data represents the next major challenge in preconstruction. Harnessing these tools is crucial for enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall project outcomes.

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