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Are you ready for what’s ahead? Is your company And how can you know? Join host Todd and guest Jason Gregg as they discuss the continuing hesitancy around the adoption of technology, pursuing and achieving goals even though the path may be unsure, and how ensure that your company survives—and grows stronger through—every obstacle placed in its way.

Jason Gregg is the VDC Manager at RK Mechanical. He has 30 years of construction experience bringing innovation, technology and prefabrication to the construction industry by utilizing field experience and project management to help propel employees to the next level.

Todd Takes

1.      If you want buy-in from the field on technology, make sure to pull them in early and often. Find those who are bought in already and have them be your technology champion. Their story will be way more powerful in helping to convince others.

2.      Bold action can be required to accomplish your goal when you have a clear destination in mind, like being all in Revit. Sometimes, the “rip the band aid off” and “burn the ships” mentality is what it takes to successfully accomplish the mission and change mindsets.

3.      Make sure to find technology partners who are willing to listen and purposefully seek your insights to help make the product and your workflows stronger. 


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