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Sometimes, you just have to earn the right to be heard by doing the work. Join host Todd and guest Steve King of eVolve MEP as they discuss the need for better communication from the office to the jobsite, how more verbal communication does not always mean better communication, technology’s role and the importance of focusing on the roadblocks for others. 

Steve King is a Product Manager and Prefabrication Consultant at eVolve MEP. He has over 30 years of experience in the Electrical Contracting industry and has experience with Project Estimating, Project Management Project Planning, Design and Trade Coordination, and Fabrication. 

Todd Takes

1.      First thought, you need to earn the right to be heard. The old cliché that actions speak louder than words is true. Just as Steve had to gain people’s trust as a young foreman by proving he could do the work; you must prove you can do the work to others. Do not be discouraged if at first people don’t listen to you. Prove it.

2.      The speed of construction is fast and moving faster all the time. It is becoming a survival necessity to embrace and properly implement technology in order to accomplish basic tasks while not buckling under the pressure of the job. However, technology without proper implementation all the way through to the jobsite and a well thought out plan with success benchmarks does nothing. In some cases, it can even send you backwards. So, be intentional and do the planning work needed on the front side.

3.      Finally, I loved what Steve was saying about focusing on eliminating roadblocks for others instead of having them eliminate roadblocks for you. In order to successfully do this, you must know their pain points and the why behind that. This will spark better communication and collaboration. Down with the silos we all too often find ourselves in. 


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