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Would you fit in if you were working in a construction industry job? A lot of people looking for work don’t think so. There is a long-standing perception in our society that construction industry jobs are dirty, difficult, back-breaking labor. And yes, there are certainly jobs like that. However, the added reality is that there are literally hundreds of jobs in or linked to the construction industry that do not require carrying bundles of fiberglass insulation on your shoulder, roofing a building, digging ditches, or muscling around sheets of drywall.

Coralee Beatty joins us this week on the podcast to talk about women in construction and the perceptions surrounding the industry. She urged everyone to look past only what they see or hear passing by a construction site, and research further into the vast sea of opportunity in this industry.

TodD Takes

  1. We need to spotlight different faces and voices around the industry to show leadership positions are attainable for all. There is tremendous value in embracing and leveraging a diversity of thought and backgrounds.
  2. Teamwork, active listening and creating understanding are crucial to a healthy and productive work environment and jobsite. Give people permission to have these conversations and make those personal connections at work.
  3. Finally, it is ok to ask for help. A lot of people can feel it is a weakness to not be able to do everything. In fact, it is a strength to admit that you in fact need someone else. Only once we tap into our collective strength can we truly accomplish great things.


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